Get your Abyss Web Server help at AbyssUnderground is a dedicated Abyss Web Server Help website for Apreliums Abyss Webserver software. Myself and TRUSTAbyss are dedicating as much free time as we can to helping people with problems that they encounter while using Abyss Webserver. This website will eventually contain all the information you need to get your computer running as a webserver and setting up local networks to host your websites on. This is the only site you can officially get Abyss Web Server tutorials from. Although not always kept up to date, most tutorials work for future versions of their software and scripts too. We also give Abyss X2 help, Apreliums pro version of Abyss Web Server. Whatever you are looking for web server wise, you can get all of your Abyss Web Server tutorials here at AbyssUnderground.

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Friday 5th February 2010
Just a quick one to let everyone know I am still here, even though the site hasn't had any updates in around 1 1/2 years. I've still been answering e-mails to those who have contacted me, so please feel free if you do need any help. I don't really use the listed MSN anymore but I do use e-mail and you should get a reply within 24 hours in most cases.

My lifestyle is still very busy these days so I don't have any chance at all to update the site, not that there is much to add to it these days except software updates for PHP, MySQL and the likes. Anyway, as I say I am still here and I do still help when I get chance. Unfortunately I stopped using Abyss on my production server (this server) for a lot of reasons, but I do still use it for development, so I haven't totally abandoned it! I hope to switch back in the near future once I iron a few things out.


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