Accessing your website from the internet

If you are having problems getting your website available to the outside world then this list is a list of things you should try before asking for extra help. They may sound simple but they are the ones people most often forget.

Before you start, here are a few pointers: is NOT your IP Address. This is an address used to access your own computer FROM your own computer. Its a LOCALHOST address and you cant use it to access your PC from another PC.

192.xx.xx.xx / 10.xx.xx.xx/ 169.xx.xx.xx is also NOT your IP Address. This is your computers unique IP Address on your home network/private network. You can access your server on your own network only with this address. You will also need this address if you need to use port forwarding in your router.

Any other IP Address is likely to be your WAN or Internet IP Address. To be sure you have the correct one, go to the Whats My IP Address page. It will tell you your real IP, and, if you are behind a proxy, the IP of your proxy. You need the real IP as this is the one people will use to access your server.

Does your ISP block port 80?
The simplest way to find out is to ring them up and ask. If they wont tell you or you are simply unsure, try changing Abyss Web Server to another port and then see if you can access it.

Do you have a router? If so then check the following things:
Have you enabled port forwarding? This is the option that allows incoming traffic to be diverted to your computer. If you dont know what this is or how to access it on your router, visit Find your router then select the "Web Server" or "HTTP" option on the list for detailed instructions on how to set it up.

Does your router support loopback? This is the interface that allows you to look at your website through your own internet IP Address. If not it is difficult to find out if it is working to the outside world without asking someone else or using a proxy. If not then you must ask someone else or use a proxy to check if it is working. There is no fix for this.

Has your LAN IP Address changed? If so you need to change it in your routers configuration. This is the most common fix for those who have had their website working in the past. You should change to using a static IP Address if this has happened as it will continue to happen in the future.

Do you have a firewall? If so check the following points:
Is it allowing incoming and outgoing connections on the port you are using Abyss Web Server on? Is it allowing Abyss Web Server to access the internet and act as a server?
If you cannot figure out how to use your firewall then temporaly disable it while you are getting it to work for the outside world. Worry about the firewall when you get it working.

If you can't get your website accessible on the web after trying these pointers, post on the AbyssUnderground forum or Aprelium forum. Remember to state what you have tried and some basic details about your setup.

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