Installing Ruby Scripting Language

Many thanks to TRUSTpunk for supplying the basis of this tutorial. Taken from the Aprelium forum.

Step 1: Downloading
Download Ruby from

Note: v1.9.0 is the latest stable version so choose v1.9.0.

Step 2: Installing
Unzip the contents of the Zip file to a folder called Ruby in your C:\ drive so the path is C:\Ruby

Now go to the Abyss Web Server Console and add a new scripting interpreter.

Add the interpreter "C:\ruby\bin\ruby.exe" and the file extension ".rb".

Click OK and restart Abyss.

Thats it. Ruby is now installed.

Step 3: Testing
Ruby "Hello World!" Script:

puts "content-type: text/html" 
puts "<html>" 
puts "<body>" 
puts "<h1>Hello Abyss!</h1>" 
puts "</body>" 
puts "</html>"

For ease of use, you might want to add index.rb to your Index Files configuration. How?


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